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VCs Start with 2 Pairs & Deal You 5 Cards
They Negotiate Dozens of Deals Each Year
It's an Unfair Game
Level the Playing Field
Win Your Negotiations
Keep Control through better conditions ...this is where actual control can be lost early
Reduce Dilution through obtaining maximal valuation
Negotiate Fair Terms by knowing the VC’s cards & how they play them
Manage the Board and survive the ongoing negotiations you’ll have with your VCs
Court with a Plan because a good negotiation begins long before a VC expresses interest
Your business is a growing success - but how much of that future success will be enjoyed by you (versus the VCs or a new management team) depends on the negotiation expertise you bring to the table.
A Unique Service
"Negotiation is an art, and this crucial one was…nothing less than a masterpiece!"
                                                 - Board member of startup and CFO of public company

We do not offer general negotiation training or coaching. Rather, we guide clients on a play-by-play basis at each stage of the negotiation process, working through the nuts and bolts and avoiding the pitfalls. This detailed direction gives your negotiation efforts maximum impact, whether we sit at the negotiation table beside you or act completely behind the scenes.

Our senior partners combine CEO, deal brokering, and strategy experience. The negotiation direction we provide makes a big difference - whether the value is measured in millions of dollars in 5 years…or avoiding early ejection or loss of control in 2 months.

Arrive at the table very well prepared, with a winning strategy based on the knowledge the VCs have.
For example, out of the 50+ clauses and sub-clauses of a term sheet, do you know:

Which clauses do VCs concede 20% of the time? 50% of the time?
Which ones can be modified, and how much wiggle room there is?
Which terms are non-negotiable, where attempts to negotiate will only hurt you?
Our fee structure is simple and affordable for any viable startup, usually capped and always
precisely defined, without surprises and the accumulation of hours that lawyers spring on clients.

To learn more, or if you're ready to move beyond web research and start real discussions, then schedule an initial consultation:

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